Continuous Integration,
Free for the Open Source Community

Drone Cloud is a free Continuous Integration service for the Open Source community, powered by blazing fast bare-metal servers.

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Accelerating Open Source Development

Multiple Architectures

Our goal is to upstream all the things! In order to do that with the diverse Arm ecosystem, we're providing gobs of CI/CD infrastructure.

Blazing Fast, Bare Metal Servers

Drone Cloud runs your Continuous Integration workloads on blazing fast, bare metal infrastructure sponsored by Equinix.

100% free for Open Source

Drone Cloud would not be possible without our generous sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact us.

Thank you to our Infrastructure Sponsor

Drone Cloud is powered by donated infrastructure from Equinix Metal (, the leading bare metal cloud for developers. With datacenters around the world, and a powerful API driven experience, Equinix is well known for bringing the experience of the cloud to bare metal.

Want to run Drone on bare metal, but without the hassle? Equinix can help! Use code "DRONE100" to get started with a $100 credit

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